Real Readings: WTF is my Life?

Sun: Libra
Moon: Aquarius
Reader: Sage
Time: 3:30 PM EST
Query: What the hell is going on in my life right now?
Deck: Shadowscapes by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law
Spread: TAZ: Balance Arc

  1. Three of Wands
  2. The Empress
  3. Death
  4. Knight of Cups
  5. Six of Cups (Reversed)

Full reading below the read more!

1. Where should you act immediately? — 3 of Wands

This card is all about exploration and diving into the unknown, so you’re in a great place to start crossing things off your bucket list. It’s time to be adventurous, learn that new language, snag that new skill, take up hiking or web design or anything else that lets you express yourself through art or in nature. There’s a wide vista before you and there’s no better time than the present to get started. 3 of Wands also indicates a leadership position, so remember that you don’t need to wait on others’ approval before charting your own course.

2. Where should you hang back and wait? — The Empress

This is the time to carefully consider where you’re spending your energy on other people. All relationships give and take, but it’s time to ask yourself: are you giving too much? Are people taking advantage of your kindness, attention or resources? Your advice here is to make sure you yourself are grounded and stable before making a decision to get involved. And if you do get involved, you don’t always need to give so freely of yourself; remember that you have to live, too.

3. What needs your honest attention? — Death

Transitions are hard on all of us, whatever the specifics may be. This card indicates that you need to take a good, long look at how you’re preparing for an upcoming transition or transformation in your life. Sometimes these transformations feel like part of us is dying, but if we are willing to be open and flexible to life being life, we realize that we’ll be much better off than sticking our fingers in our ears pretending that change isn’t coming.

4. What are your resources? — Knight of Cups

This is one of my favorite cards because it’s one of Arthur’s knights riding a white unicorn across the ocean chasing a levitating Holy Grail and if that’s not an amazing thing to have at your disposal I’ve got nothing else to say. The Knight of Cups is about action and momentum in the realm of emotions. Sometimes you might be accused of being too idealistic, or having your head in the clouds, or being too tenderhearted and forthcoming with your trust. But ultimately all these aspects to your personality are strengths, not weaknesses. It’s your ability to chase after a dream and see it through to completion no matter what the “realists” say that allows you to succeed in your quest. And then you’ve got a levitating Holy Grail! Sweet.

5. What drives your story? — Six of Cups reversed

This card has to do with childhood, innocence, and good intentions. Reversed, we may become stuck in roles and attitudes learned at an early age, or our good intentions (or those of others) may have backfired. There’s a sense of being stuck, especially with emotions, and tying this with the Knight of Cups makes for an interesting tension. Right now, the episode you’re on in your life has the “plot” of Six of Cups reversed – and that kind of sucks, having to work through that. But the Knight of Cups is in your corner and he’s about to surge ahead and believe in you anyway. You have to acknowledge whatever fallout is going on right now, that’s true, but you’ll be able to get out of this plotline and onto the next season if you take control over your own experiences and adventures (3 of Wands), guard your personal energy wisely (The Empress), honestly assess where you are with this upcoming transition (Death) and utilize your hopeful resilience (Knight of Cups) to get out of this story and into a better one.

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