Real Readings: Moving Across Country

Etienne here, bringing you all an actual reading (our client consented to their query being shared). This is both so people can get a sense for how readings from Sage and I work, but also so you can see how spreads and meanings interplay. Sage helped me with this one, when I got a bit stuck on the reversals.

Our querent today is about to make big move and there are a lot of changes happening in their life and wanted to know what they should focus on during this time of upheaval.

After consulting and clarifying the needs of our client, I selected the TAZ Spread Sage & I created. I used the Ostara Tarot.

  1. Temperance (Reversed)
  2. The Sun
  3. Chariot (Reversed)
  4. Judgement (Reversed)
  5. Nine of Cups (Reversed) 

Four Major Arcana cards bracketing the driving force in your life made me laugh out loud, but having moved cross country myself, only seems fitting. It’s a wild ride, and a big change. There are so many outside forces and energies demanding time and attention from you. And you, at your center (Nine of Cups) are seeking rest and an end to be proud of.

Read more below the cut! As a side note, you can book a reading like this for $20!


  1. What do I need to do now? – Temperance (reversed)
    Temperance is like a Jenga game; reversed, it means your tower is getting a bit wobbly and blocks are starting to shift. You know things in your life are changing, and will continue to change, dramatically. You need to rush in and do what you can to keep yourself stable during this transition. It’s okay to employ stop-gap measures here because you’ll have time later to bring out the big guns. Just take the steps now to keep immediate anxiety, fear, and other upsets at bay. Whatever your self-care routine is, step it up and don’t be afraid to change things around to suit what you need in this moment.
  2. Where should I pause and reflect? – The Sun
    The Sun casts a bright light onto new situations, and here I believe it’s telling you to make sure you are seeing everything in your new situation clearly. There is potential for much growth, provided you don’t stay in the light too long and fry the delicate new seedlings. Also, be mindful of situations where you may be the focus of attention. Take your time to make sure of your own safety and security before stepping into the spotlight.
  3. What truth needs telling? – The Chariot (reversed)
    Right now you may be feeling completely out of control. Upright, the Chariot is about taking charge and being in control of the moment; reversed, we struggle with feeling authoritative, confident, and the captain of your own ship. Take a look in the mirror and, with honesty and compassion in equal measure, confront what you’ve been hiding from yourself. Are you telling yourself you’re not up for the challenge in front of you? Are you second-guessing every choice you’ve ever made since graduating pre-school? Right now this card is telling you to knock it off and take the reins back, even if only by acknowledging you’re overwhelmed in the first place. Assess your limits and strengths and remember: prioritize!
  4. Resources – Judgement (reversed)
    You’ve got some great opportunities right now to consider the actions and attitudes that brought you here. Though you might be tempted to wallow or pat yourself on the back, you have much to gain through examining what led you to places of disappointment or failure. You have time to self-reflect and use hindsight to prepare yourself for similar challenges in the near future. You don’t need waste time beating yourself up for getting it wrong the first time, because we all make mistakes. Focus instead on the what has made you wiser and more experienced.
  5. Driving focus – Nine of Cups (reversed)
    This time of transition is a difficult one, partly because it is marked by disappointment and yearning for fulfilment and satisfaction that is not yet yours. But before you get too worried, remember that this is what has sparked the next chapter in your life. Sometimes things suck so we take opportunities and risks to make them better – and by all accounts, things are going to get better. This card also indicates that your upcoming move is the end of one episode in your life (guided by the Nine of Cups reversed) and the beginning of the next (guided by a completely different influence). You didn’t like where you were at, so you took steps to change it, and that makes you brave, resourceful, and more prepared than you probably realize.

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