About Etienne and Sage

Oak & Sage Tarot was founded in December 2016 by Etienne and Sage, a queer married couple. Tarot began as a simple hobby between the two of them that quickly grew into a shared passion.

Etienne is a 30-something genderqueer/non-binary person who uses they/them pronouns. Their relationship with the cards started out as a hobby but turned into something deeply satisfying and rewarding. They primarily use the Wild Unknown deck, but at times will use the Wildwood Tarot, Ostara, or Shadowscapes. A librarian in their day job they view tarot as a tool to bridge information gaps and meet your information needs, allowing you to make better informed life choices. Religiously, they identify catholic with a little c and have a complicated relationship with Christianity. They believe that there are many paths to the divine and that there is no one correct way to interact, or not, with divine energies. They are also neurodivergent. When they aren’t playing with the cards they enjoy reading queer romances, being smooshed by big dogs, and mint chocolate chip gelato.

Sage is a 20-something Piscean who’s been on a Pagan path of one sort or an other since Ostara 2007. They are devoted to Brighid and see work with Tarot and other forms of divination as service to their Lady. Sage has been reading Tarot for several years and has experience with the Thoth, Rider-Waite, Wildwood, Tarot of the Animal Lords, and Shadowscapes decks, as well as the Druid Animal Oracle deck. They also have a beginning interest in oracle cards, ogham, and western astrology. When they aren’t playing with cards, they enjoy playing video games, reading middle grade fantasy, and trying to pet every dog within reach.