Reading for Getting Around Obstacles: The Traveler’s Spread

travelers spread(1)I’ve been struggling with some big questions in regards to my gender/identity. There are a lot of obstacles in my way to even beginning to find solutions. There is a lot of asking myself, “well, what do I do?” and “how do I get around this?” Particularly, in light that these obstacles aren’t something I can remove in without going up against society as a whole, or at least workplace bureaucracy. Since I don’t particularly feel like tilting at windmills, but still wanted some guidance while handling my troubled emotions, I created this spread to help me look at at my situation with a different light.

I based the idea around a hiker, coming up against an obstacle that they need to climb, or otherwise get around and dubbed it the Traveler’s Spread.

Card One: You, now.

Card Two: This is the ground below. Are you stable? shaky? You can treat this card a few ways, but ultimately, it’s the energies/people/things/nouns that are influencing you in your current mental/emotional/physical self.

Cards Three & Four: This is what’s in your way, the energies/nouns that are stopping you from going on your merry way are tied up in these cards.

Cards Five & Six: These are your tools in your bag. Again, you can treat this card a few ways. Maybe they are actions you need to take to get around the blockage, emotions you need to focus on, before you can move forward. Perhaps they are things or people you can access to help you move on the trail.

Card Seven: The goal you want to reach. This card stands as a final word on your reading. For me, this card was the Hanged Man in my reading (which, by the way cards, thanks for being so sarcastic) telling me I have to be ready to surrender to reach my end goal. This card could also stand as what you have to gain by getting by your obstacles.

Whatever you’re facing, I hope this reading can help give you some prospective. Keep on keeping on, we can make it through all of this.  – ❤ Etienne.





Harvest Moon Spread

harvest moon

What abundance manifests for you this Harvest Moon?

The autumn equinox isn’t the only astronomical event that heralds the arrival of fall. The full moon rising closest to this equinox is known as the Harvest Moon; according to the Farmer’s Almanac this date falls on October 5, 2017 in the Northern Hemisphere.

The Harvest Moon is a good time to take stock of our, well, stocks! Practicing gratitude is not only a feel-good habit, but it also lets us become aware of all different kinds of wealth at our disposal that we might otherwise overlook. The Harvest Moon is also a time for planning how best to direct the abundance in our lives, or even how to attract more abundance through careful decisions and the smart use of resources.

  1. What has come to fruition?
  2. What energies do I have stored?
  3. How can I best use this abundance?
  4. How do I manage my stores?
  5. What should I be aware of when using my stored energies?
harvest moon spread

Harvest Moon Spread Layout

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Autumn Equinox Spread

Autumn Equinox SpreadThis is my favorite time of year, when summer in all her glory gives way to the harvest maiden tending over fall’s crops. There’s a beautiful still moment between seasons during the equinox when we can feel two energies meet, meld, and separate again. It’s an especially auspicious time to break out the cards and take stock of what summer has given us and what autumn will require in return. This spread is specifically made for a general autumn equinox reading that assesses the fruits of your labors and where your energies will take you over the next several weeks.

  1. goodbye summer what is leaving your life (energies, people, places, things), or what maybe needs a gentle push out the door.
  2. hello fall – what is entering your life, or what needs to be welcomed in with the rest of autumn.
  3. equinox – the blurred boundary between summer and fall encompassing you, right now, as you are; also the focal point unique to you this sabbat.
  4. bumper crops – unexpected gifts and opportunities to be had with summer’s lingering energy; you want to jump on these right away!
  5. autumn stores – the resources now at your disposal over the coming season such as living allies and the beloved dead, gods and spirits, and your own talents and strengths.
  6. harvest bounty – how the fruits of your past labors have paid off; what exactly you are harvesting at this moment in time.
  7. community table – how you can best spread your abundance around, especially when giving back to the communities that support you most.
  8. see you at samhain – a final word of advice for how to proceed and what to look out for until the next sabbat.

Card Layout

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Soft Launch


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Welcome to Oak and Sage Tarot! This is our soft launch, we are still getting things up and ready to go. If you have any questions, please use the contact page or email oakandsagetarot at gmail dot com

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Welcome and be well!

Library Science Meets Tarot


image description: old fashion wooden card catalog with brass finishing. text over the image reads Library Science meets Tarot Cards

In the field of librarianship/information science, there is a concept called an information gap, which is fairly self explanatory. It refers to a lack of information a person needs to be fully informed on a topic. As a librarian, it’s my goal to fill those information gaps.

As a tarot reader, my goals are very much the same. The cards can provide answers to build bridges across an information gap (there is a reason there are bridge spreads!). When I come to the table as a querent, it’s because I’m missing some piece of information or some key point. Or maybe I know the information I’m seeking, but I’m lacking the ability to apply it to my situation. The archetypes in the cards give me the wording I need to sort through my experiences and make meaning of the situation.

Extending this tarot as information services, I may ask counter questions when presented with the query. A reference interview, if you will, to get to the core of the issue and clarify the question before I even touch the cards. Sometimes I won’t need clarification, but other times I may need to dig into what the issue at hand really is so I can give querents information that will be the most suited to their situation. After all, it is important to come to the table with a solid focus, or you will come away with a muddled answer. (For further reading on developing questions to ask the cards, I really enjoy Joan Bunning’s lesson on developing questions.)