Holly and the Oak Spread

From our Midwinter zine.

The Holly and Oak Kings are brothers, lovers, or mortal enemies locked in battle over the ruling halves of the year. At Midsummer, the Oak King is at the height of his power; at Midwinter, the Holly King rules. As such, the solstices are opportunities for us to look at the waxing and waning powers of the year, to honor what energies are currently holding court, but also to look ahead at what will be swiftly gaining power in the turn of the seasons. It is in understanding the ebb and flow of these powers that we understand the magic of the season and use it to best prepare ourselves for the remaining winter months.


holly and oak spread copy

  1. Center: You; Now
    • This card represents yourself, your current challenge, or the role you play, particularly as it hangs in balance at the moment of the solstice.
  2. Right: Waxing Energy (the Oak King)
    • This is the energy that is steadily gaining steam in your life. This is what will guide your decisions over the next six months, culminating in the Summer Solstice.
  3. Left: Waning Energy (the Holly King)
    • This is the energy that is most influencing your life at the moment, but also starting to ebb away. This is what you must prepare to give up as the light returns to the world.
  4. Below: Longest Night
    • What can the darkness of the solstice teach you? What hidden parts of yourself are germinating in the cold and the dark?
  5. Above: Dawning Light
    • What lessons can be learned from the return of the sun? What is starting to thaw in your heart? What can you embrace in the coming year?


Midwinter Zine


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As the patterns of darkness and light chase each other across the sky, so too does the ever unfolding pattern of our own soul’s work and purpose in this world. We hope these spreads can bring you insight and guidance.

Guiding Star
to give direction, grounding you, placing you in time, and giving you much to think on as the year comes to a close and a new one dawns.

Holly and Oak
What can you learn from the waning light and waxing dark?

Gifts of the Magi
What lessons to the wise ones bring?

Halfway Through the Dark
Find hope and strength in the dark.

Holly Bushes
Find the bounties of the season.

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Midwinter Zine Delay/Sneak Peak

Hey folks! The intent had been to release the Midwinter Zine today, but life exploded in the Oak and Sage household this last two weeks, and it’s behind schedule. We have 2.5 of the 5 spreads done, and we hope to bang it out this weekend, but we’ve got a lot of personal chores to catch up on.

When we finally get it done we’re going to have the Guiding Star Spread, a nine card layout to help you see where you’re going in your life, and what you have supporting you. It’s a great spread for wrapping up the year and starting a new one. We’ll also have the Etienne developed Gifts of the Magi Spread, which is a simple three card spread to ask questions in regards to your faith, leadership, and personal growth. On the more Pagan side of things, we’ll  have another joint spread called the Holly and the Oak Spread, which is based around the mythology of the Holly and Oak kings. This five card  spread gives you an opportunity to ask what you can learn from the dawning light and the lasting dark.

We’re still working on naming the final two spreads, but they will be shorter two-four cards. All five spreads will be up on Gumroad when we’re done, for the very low price of $2.00. We’ll also take email orders, if you need to provide an alternative payment.

Here is a sneak peak of the Guiding Star Spread.

guiding star sneak peak

Samhain Zine

Samhain Tarot Spreads

Etienne and Sage got hitched last year, but our wedding bells are ringing for a Samhain wedding. We’re off to Michigan for the ceremony and some well deserved rest in a lakeside cozy cottage. While we’re gone, check out our Samhain Zine! We’ve included the Samhain Spiral Spread, a Trick or Treat! spread, and three unpublished spreads.

  • Message from Beyond:
  • Crone at the Crossroads:
  • Pumpkin Patch:

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