Sage and Etienne both offer Tarot readings on a variety of subjects. We have counseled seekers in the past about work and career issues, creativity blockages, spiritual direction, and the guidance and advice of the Beloved Dead. We are also passionate about taking Tarot and making it relevant for queer and trans clients.

Our prices reflect the fact we are both still learning Tarot and not yet at a level we would consider professional. A reading from Oak & Sage Tarot is a chance to get your feet wet with the cards if you’ve never had a reading before. It’s also a chance for us to continue honing our skills with a divination practice that is deeply meaningful and rewarding for the both of us. Everyone wins! You can read testimonials from previous querents here.

We work with the Tarot as a system of deep, archetypal symbols that help clarify patterns within and around the seeker. We respect free will, consent, and personal autonomy. We do not believe the future is set in stone and will not make definitive claims of what the future has in store.

We will work with seekers to reframe their questions in a way that makes sense for our style of reading, but we reserve the right to refuse questions if they don’t feel right for us.

What to Expect

What to expect: Etienne and Sage will send you a write up of your spread and the cards we pulled. These can be shared through Google Docs or as a Microsoft Word or PDF attachment via email. We provide photos of the cards drawn and are available for some limited follow up questions.

Scheduling & Prices

Prices are subject to change and funds are due up front through PayPal or Venmo.  Reading and payment details will be arranged via email. Please read our terms and conditions before contacting us,  booking a reading with us means you agree to our terms.

If we feel your question will be more intensive than your requested reading, we will discuss this with you. Generally, our fees are based on the number of cards and the length of the response. If you don’t see anything on the menu that suits your needs, contact us with your budget and your question, and we can tailor something specific to your needs. Or, if you like one of the spreads we’ve created here on our website, let us know and we’ll give you a price.

Contact oakandsagetarot at gmail dot com to schedule a reading today.

Spread Menu

Specific Spreads/Situations

Three Card Spread – $6
Three cards read for your query, in the form the reader feels is best suited.

Self Love Reading – $15
A look into ways to best love and support yourself.

A Month of Weekly Cards – $15
Each week on Sunday, for four weeks, you’ll be emailed a card for the week, detailing energies and patterns to be aware of and help provide guidance.

New Year/Birthday Reading – $30 – 40
Based on your personal situation, Sage and/or Etienne will use an appropriate spread that looks at influences coming into your life in the new stage, those that are leaving your life, and tools you can use to focus your energies in the coming time.

Communication Reading (For Self or Couple) – $30 for self, $40 for couple (for more than two people in a relationship, or for poly readings, please email us for an price)
A look into communication needs you have as an individual or that a couple (romantic or otherwise). All people in the relationship must agree to a reading for Sage and/or Etienne to consent to do a reading.

Personal Roadmap Reading – $30 to 40
Feeling in need of a roadmap? This detailed reading will help offer you guidance on a specific issue situation in your life right now.

Spiritual/Religious Guidance – $20 to 40 – Custom to your Situation
Are you looking to connect deeper with your spirituality and/or faith? This reading will give you assistance in putting yourself on the spiritual tract you wish to be.

Celtic Cross Reading – $40
A deeper look into the issues and influence surrounding your query using the traditional Celtic Cross Reading

Etienne Exclusive Readings

Coming soon.

Sage Exclusive Readings

Coming soon.