Libra and the Tarot

astrology-1293255_1280Today we say goodbye to the Sun’s time in perfectionist, hardworking Virgo and slip into something a little more comfortable with Libra’s focus on balance and harmony. Libra is a cardinal Air sign ruled by Venus, meaning that it is active and creative, intellectual and communicative, and invested in art and beauty. Libra is the sign that says I unite or I balance – and now is an excellent time to consider what disparate parts of yourself and your Tarot practice need to be brought together.

Libran energy is focused on justice, fairness, and seeking to understand all sides of a situation. Libra wants to ease conflict wherever possible and yearns for reconciliation of all parties. On the downside, Libra may lend itself to people-pleasing for the sake of avoiding upsets, going along to get along, and mistaking constructive or necessary conflict as unbearable strife.

How can you tap into Libra as a Tarot reader? You can:

  • Consciously allow yourself to let go of Virgo’s perfectionism and allow yourself to make mistakes while reading and studying Tarot.
  • Tap into Libra’s social aspect by joining a Tarot forum, swapping readings with friends, or teaching someone about the cards.
  • Anticipate Libra’s urge to downplay potential conflict when reading cards, especially for other people; be aware that you may feel swayed to fudge your initial interpretation to make the querent happy.
  • Practice spreads related to relationships, social dynamics, and overcoming conflict. Consider using our Traveler’s Spread to figure out what’s getting in your way and how to get back to harmony!
  • Meditate on cards like Justice, Temperance, Two of Cups, or Ten of Cups, or select another card that represents Libra to you.

Happy Libra season!