“I received a reading from Étienne for the new year (2017). Not only did their reading of the cards make sense to me, it gave me a guide, so to speak, as to where to focus my energies in the coming year. Étienne gave a very thorough reading with descriptions and pictures of all the cards (as this reading was done via email). They also were happy to answer any questions that I had so that I may fully understand and benefit from the reading. I would definitely recommend Étienne, and was very pleased with the experience.” – K. (Repeat Customer)

“I recently became interested in tarot readings and coincidentally Etienne was offering readings! They have done two readings for me and they explained what the cards meant and how it might relate to my life. The readings were eye opening and Etienne was more than willing to answer additional questions! I will be coming to them for future readings because I know I will get a great reading and interpretation.” – C. (Repeat Customer)